Mariela Pineda
Well I don’t like talking and about a place, I am very picky with my Mexican food. But you have to try it it’s not that bad and it’s clean, which counts a lot. We all have different palates.
Alejandro Garcia
This place is AUTHENTIC! Prices are very fair, in return you get a clean place to sit down and eat, fresh and fast quality food. I got a chance to meet Laura the owner and can see the pride she takes in the outstanding hospitality she provides here. Tostados and corn tortillas are homemade, and you can add cactus to your tacos that add a little more texture, with or without cactus these tacos are Top Notch! I will definitely be coming here more often.
Chuck Hilston
This is my favorite place for tacos in the entire area! The service is excellent, as is the quality! They have wonderful deals throughout the week, and a truly authentic menu. Would recommend to anyone!
Lana Pohlmann
Absolutely loved The Spot Tacos. Went for Taco Tuesday and got four well portioned tacos (chicken, asada or pastor) with a drink for only $4.99. All homemade and probably the best tacos I’ve ever had! The staff was super welcoming and passionate about their business. Will definitely be back!
Justin Wilcox
amazing friendly staff no matter the race also the food SPOT on 10 stars outta five